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Opposing Unseen Spiritual Forces - Dr. Larry Ollison (October 1, 2023)

Video from WOW Faith Church

Opposing Unseen Spiritual Forces - Dr. Larry Ollison (October 1, 2023)

"Walk on the Water Faith Church (WOW Faith Church) is located at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. Sunday Worship Service is at 10 am and Thursday Worship Service is at 7 pm." from video introduction

Pull the Mask Off of Fear

"I shot eye darts at the van driver in the rearview mirror from my seat behind him. We were traveling down a treacherous East African road booby trapped with deep potholes, and the speedometer reflected that we were going well over 70 kilometers an hour. I clutched at my nonexistent seatbelt and stared at the metal bars placed at forehead level in front of our seats.

But when the driver flippantly began to play chicken with other drivers who were headed toward us at equally insane speeds, I snapped. I pointedly shared a few choice reflections with him regarding his fatalistic driving choices. Our native host cleared his throat awkwardly, and a couple of passengers glared at me. It didn’t matter in the moment.

Fear was in my driver’s seat, and it was taking me for a ride.

Fear Reveals Our Trust

We live in a broken world where really bad things really do happen, even (and sometimes especially) to people who really love Jesus. Fear exists because sin has broken this world and distorted it, leaving much beyond our control. We are finite creatures, and fear has become part of our makeup. We can’t avoid fearful feelings in our dependent state..." from the article: Pull the Mask Off of Fear

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