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Christian Faith as a Way of Life

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Christian Faith as a Way of Life
Christian Faith as a Way of Life

Christian Faith as a Way of Life

As many Christians have adopted the ways of our secular environment we appear to those around us as just another special interest group.

And in tandem with the overall decline of Christian influence and values in our culture our social currency is all but gone. Life is messy. Our culture and our world has come around once again to the wholesale worldwide depravity and sin that has lead God to destroy mankind before.

The efforts of man, Marxism, Communism, even Capitalism has failed and will not fix us. The enlightenment, The Age of Reason has in reality drawn us deeper into our sins and toxic individualism. Right now as America seems to crumble from within we see toxic and evil displays of self-righteous thinking as the so called Right and Left fight over what little moral high ground they have.

The solution to our demise is not Trump or Biden, it's what it always has been; our personal relationship with Christ Our Lord! As Christians we know better or we should. Yet many self-proclaimed Christians are shallow at best and gullible in all things. Fooled by the folly of conspiracy theories and the many false prophets The Christian Way of Life is in the minority.

When we reveal ourselves as part of the arguing angry masses on social media we have NO social currency, no respect; our opinions are null and void.

If we are truly invested an authentic in our faith, just as the Apostles put their life on the line we must be willing to put aside what our culture values ( entertainment, self promotion, pleasure, sin etc.) and immerse our selves in Christ! Can you, will you? Everything in your life should reflect Christ, your work, your play, your family life, your relationship with your neighbors and community and Church.

Many Christians are not willing to invest themselves. To hard!

When our deeds, words, and lifestyle all point to Jesus, this is the most powerful witness we can make and the world cannot dismiss it lightly!

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