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Our "Righteous” Indignation & Unrighteous Rage Are Not the Same Thing

All Sufficiency In All Things

We live in a time where many claim to have "Righteous Indignation" over what is happening in our world and culture. They use this to do foolish and sinful things in the name of God.

Our pride reigns supreme.

Godly anger allows for God to be the angry one and to implement His justice and not our justice.

We must dethrone those who manipulate and abuse the poor and needy but we must do this in a righteous way.

We cannot pretend we are non judgmental because we are judgmental.

Those claiming to be Christians show Unrighteous Rage and claim Christ at the same time which is always incongruent.

(See Matthew 23).

Our arrogance appears in our anger when we forget humility. We should be angry about others hypocrisy (and ours) however as Christians we understand our “righteous” indignation quickly becomes unrighteous rage which originates in our pride. Godly anger involves patience and restraint, trusting him for all justice. This restraint goes against cancel culture. All of our emotions including our anger and rage must be submitted to God.

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