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Painter Mattia Preti the Cavelier Calabrese

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Painter Mattia Preti the Cavelier Calabrese

Mattia Preti was a Master Painter!

And his life and story tell a great deal about the subjects of his paintings. God is always at work in our hearts and souls especially if we are open to His leadings. Painters sich as Mattia Preti give our imaginations a look into the life of our Lord and the people around him. The painting below depicts Jesus's first miracle as he demonstrated his kingdom.

The Marriage at Cana by Mattia Preti
The Marriage at Cana by Mattia Preti

Mattia Preti Biography

Mattia Preti was one of the most important artists of the seventeenth century: nicknamed the Cavalier Calabrese, he was also a very prolific painter. That is why he was important.

"Born in Taverna, a small village in the Sila Mountains, Mattia Preti (Taverna, 1613 - Valletta, 1699) was one of the greatest artists of the seventeenth century, and his success also earned him a knighthood in Malta, so much so that he was nicknamed “the Cavalier Calabrese.” his long career, from his beginnings in Rome together with his brother Gregory and marked by an interest in both Caravaggesque and Bolognese painters (with trips to northern Italy thanks to which Mattia Preti came into contact with Venetian art), was a crescendo of successes that finally led him to Malta, where the artist spent the last part of his existence. Mattia Preti was a very prolific artist and left behind a large body of works, now preserved in several museums around the world..." from the article: Mattia Preti, the life and major works of the Cavalier Calabrese

Mattia Preti Was an Appointed Member of the Order of St. John

Our Story: History of the Order"The symbol of the Order, a white eight-pointed cross on a black background, is an international symbol of first aid. It is known as the logo of St John Ambulance, emblazoned on the sides of ambulances and on the uniforms of its highly trained volunteers. However, the eight-pointed cross was also worn on the robes of those first Brother Knights in the hospital in Jerusalem, and it has remained unaltered through the centuries, as an enduring emblem of humanitarian care, and of a charity that dates back almost 1000 years...from the article: Our Story: History of the Order

The Knights of Saint John in America

It is in the traditions of the history of the various Knightly orders of the Roman Catholic Church, including the Knights of Malta and the Order of St. John, both of medieval Europe, that the Knights of St. John was established, a tradition today’s Knights honor dearly today. These men carry a tradition of fidelity to the Church, honor and loyalty among its ranks, and charity and compassion to our communities.

Today’s Catholic fraternal order of the Knights of St. John was officially incorporated May 6, 1886, though its roots run older, amongst a spectrum of Catholic knightly orders of the late 19th century. Its most valued traditions have held constant ever since: inward traditions of loyalty, fidelity, Faith, and honor, and outward traditions like its uniforms and insignia.." from the article: Knights of Saint John History

Saint George on Horse Back
Saint George on Horse Back

Mattia Preti and His Art

"How do we know this was Mattia Preti's work? Learn about Preti’s painting technique - his brushwork and composition. Told by Curator Cynthia De Giorgio" from video introduction


Video from VisitMalta

"Experts analyze the best works by Mattia Preti in Malta." from video introduction

Mattia Preti Gallery at Muza Museum Malta
Mattia Preti Gallery at Muza Museum Malta
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