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Pandemic in Perspective - The Truth of It

Video from Australian Christian Lobby

"Deception, fear, strife and division are running rampant in the darkness of this pandemic. It's very difficult to know how it will end. So, what should we do?" from video introduction.

"The Australian Christian Lobby has called on its supporters not to “fear death” and instead push state governments to end COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

In an email to members on Friday night, managing director Martyn Iles said the coronavirus was here to stay and that he was “not afraid to face the inevitable”.

“Christians should lead the way on this because fear of death’s a condition from which Christ has freed us,” Mr Iles wrote.

“The truth is, we must face the virus, either sooner or later because it’s not going anywhere. But fear is ruling the day at great cost..." from the article: Australian Christian Lobby says believers should push for COVID freedoms, not ‘fear death’

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