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Passage to Wisdom: My God and I - John Ortberg

Updated: Aug 28

Video from Become

Passage to Wisdom

"Welcome to the series, Passage to Wisdom, where John Ortberg shares thoughts from books that have been deeply influential in his life. This week, John is looking at the book 'My God and I' which is a moving spiritual memoir from the pen of Lewis B. Smedes — renowned Christian author, beloved professor, keen theologian and ethicist, extraordinary human being. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel BecomeNew.Me and say hello in the comments. Don't forget to tap the bell icon to be notified when the next episode releases." from video introduction.

This series is a year old but well worth listening to, an excellent series, Thank You John! - Andy

My God and I: A Spiritual Memoir by Lewis B. Smedes (link)


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