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Patience When Life is Painful - David Platt

Video from Radical

Patience When Life is Painful

'In a world corrupted by sin, none of us is immune from suffering. This is true for both unbelievers and believers. Following Christ doesn’t exempt us from life’s trials and even painful tragedies. In this message from David Platt from James 5:7–12, we are exhorted to patience in the midst of life’s pain. By God’s grace, we can endure faithfully because we know that pain and suffering don’t have the last word. We look forward to the day when Christ returns and there is no more pain and suffering. Instead of living for this

world, we wait with faith and patience for a new creation filled with rest and unending joy in Christ.


00:00 Intro

10:03 Keep your eyes fixed on another world

17:30 Like a farmer, wait for the harvest

21:35 Like a prophet, speak the truth

26:39 Like Job, look forward to the end

33:52 Suffering will not be the end of your story"

from video intorduction

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