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Philosophy Conundrums of Our World Today

What are the hottest philosophy questions of our time? | Iain Mcgilchrist, Lisa Randall, Denis Noble

Philosophy Conundrums

Apr 28, 2023

"This May, join Slavoj Žižek, Esther Freud, Eric Weinstein, Roger Penrose, Fiona Hill, Lisa Randall, Denis Noble, Brian Greene and many more at the HowTheLightGetsIn festival Hay2023 edition! 00:00 Introduction 00:47 Is objective morality even possible? Simon Blackburn | Slavoj Žižek 06:33 What does consciousness emerge from? Hannah Critchlow | Iain McGilchrist 12:09 Is capitalism worth saving? Huy Standinh | Jesse Norman 17:11 Has physics gone astray? Lisa Randall | Bjørn Ekeberg | Roger Penrose 24:04 Has the pandemic fundamentally changed us? Sunetra Gupta | Denis Noble " from video introduction

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