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PHILOSOPHY - Heidegger

Updated: Mar 5

PHILOSOPHY - Heidegger

For those of you who might have further interest in Martin Heidegger after last week's video from LSOO about The Films of Terrence Malick here is a short yet comprehensive video.

"A look at Martin Heidegger - an often incomprehensible but deeply valuable German philosopher who wanted us to lead more authentic lives. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): FURTHER READING “The field is not without other distinguished contestants, but in the competitive history of incomprehensible German philosophers, Martin Heidegger must, by any reckoning, emerge as the overall victor. Nothing quite rivals the prose of his masterpiece Being and Time (1927) in terms of contortions and the sheer number of complex compound German words which the author coined, among them ‘Seinsvergessenheit’ (Forgetfulness of Being), ‘Bodenständigkeit’ (Rootedness-in-soil) and ‘Wesensverfassung’ (Essential Constitution)...” from video introduction

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