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Pray for Iraqi Christians

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The Iraqi prime minister has encouraged Christians displaced by ISIS to come home—but is it safe to return? Catholic leaders/aid agencies state that without stability and economic support, one of the world’s oldest Christian communities could become “a museum Church.”

After ISIS invaded Northern Iraq in 2014, killing and displacing hundreds of thousands of Yazidis, Christians, and other minorities, the U.S., declared that genocide had taken place. The terror group was eventually driven out of the region, with its last territorial stronghold of Raqqa falling in 2017.

Many Christians and Yazidis have yet to return home in the wake of ISIS.

In these three videos we see this lovely young lady and her spirit of forgiveness in the face of ISIS. The next video we find Myriam reunited with her friend Sandra. The third video discusses the return to life in Myriam’s town of Qaraquosh, Iraq.

Myriam, ISIS may have weapons and financial power, while you don't even have a house. But you are much stronger because of the power of forgiveness and love that Jesus has planted in your little heart. "By their fruit you will recognize them" - Matthew 7:16

11-year-old Myriam from Qaraqosh, Iraq, interviewed in Erbil a year after she first told SAT-7 she forgave IS for driving her family from their hometown. A year later, SAT-7 KIDS presenter Essam paid Myriam a surprise visit.

n the lively Dar Mar Bulos (Saint Paul Center for Church Services), hundreds of Iraqi Christian children come every day to take lessons in catechetics, learn hymns about Christian values and watch films about Christ and the saints. (Video: Raed Rafei) Video from CNEWA

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