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Providing Shade for Our Children, Part 3 John MacArthur

Video from Grace to You

Providing Shade for Our Children, Part 3 - John MacArthur

"We’re going to continue to talk this morning about the issue of raising children. You could call this series Shade for the Children, or I suppose you could also call it The War on Children because that’s what we have been talking about. I don’t want to overstate that issue; I think it’s obvious to all of you. But just to briefly review, the war on children rages all over the world and in our country, and it’s nothing new. Children are always the most defenseless. They are always the most helpless of human beings. They are the easiest to deceive, and they are the easiest to destroy.

And parents have power to build them up or tear them down. Parents have power and influence to set examples of noble character and virtue, and examples of dissolute, dissipated, wicked, sinful lives. Children are the victims of the parents in their lives. All that is evil in a society eventually does its greatest harm to children; that’s why the Bible says the sins of the fathers have visited the third and fourth generation. When you have a corrupt culture, the children are the most harmed, and they become as sinful, or more sinful, than their fathers; and the next generation even worse, and the next even worse. And it takes generations to turn that around, if it’s ever turned around..." Transcript

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