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God's Holy Words - Psalm 21

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

God's Holy Words - Psalm 21
God's Holy Words - Psalm 21

God's Holy Words - Psalm 21

In this psalm we see an exultation of God's protection of the King. His deepest desires have been met by long life and blessing.

If this seems irrelevant to our life your are mistaken. The bible was written for us and not to us. God had all people in all ages in mind when he wrote his holy word through humans like you and me. What Jesus did was a turning point in human history. Death no longer rules over us. We transcend death to be with God in eternity through Jesus.

For the director of music. A psalm of David.

1 The king rejoices in your strength, Lord. How great is his joy in the victories you give!

2 You have granted him his heart’s desire and have not withheld the request of his lips.[b] 3 You came to greet him with rich blessings and placed a crown of pure gold on his head. 4 He asked you for life, and you gave it to him— length of days, for ever and ever. 5 Through the victories you gave, his glory is great; you have bestowed on him splendor and majesty. 6 Surely you have granted him unending blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence. 7 For the king trusts in the Lord; through the unfailing love of the Most High he will not be shaken.

8 Your hand will lay hold on all your enemies; your right hand will seize your foes. 9 When you appear for battle, you will burn them up as in a blazing furnace. The Lord will swallow them up in his wrath, and his fire will consume them. 10 You will destroy their descendants from the earth, their posterity from mankind. 11 Though they plot evil against you and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed. 12 You will make them turn their backs when you aim at them with drawn bow.

13 Be exalted in your strength, Lord; we will sing and praise your might.

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