Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

“The Puritans, as a body, have done more to elevate the national character than any class of Englishmen that ever lived. Ardent lovers of civil liberty, and ready to die in its defense—mighty at the council board, and no less mighty in the battlefield—feared abroad throughout Europe, and invincible at home while united—great with their pens, and no less great with their swords—fearing God very much, and fearing men very little—they were a generation of men who have never received from their country the honor that they deserve.”  

–J.C. Ryle (introduction to Thomas Manton’s Works, 2:xi) Go to the website: Puritan Documentary.com

In June 2019, Media Gratiae, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and Reformation Heritage Books came together to produce a new feature-length documentary, PURITAN: All of Life to the Glory of God. It was executively produced by Matthew Robinson, directed by Stephen McCaskell, written by Barry Cooper, animated graphics by Jorge Estrada, and a score composed by Jared Kraft.

Have you considered the Puritans?

In this video documentary you will walk through the hallways of history to discover the people who sought to purify the Church of England and eventually fled for their religious freedom. You will learn names like John Bunyan, Thomas Goodwin, Richard Sibbes, John Owen, Richard Baxter, William Perkins, John Flavel, Jonathan Edwards, and D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

You will come to appreciate the Puritans and their unflinching and bold resolve in the face of persecution. They had an immense love for God’s Word, not just because they thought it to be a special book—but because they understood that through the pages of sacred Scripture they would come to know God intimately.

It was their firm commitment to the Word of God that distinguishes them from other groups throughout church history.

The guiding principle of the Puritans was how does God want to be worshiped?—would be difficult for many churches in our day to wrap their minds around.

The Puritans were shaped by the Word of God, and they labored to make sure the whole world had access to the Scriptures. There were among the Puritans bold preachers like John Bunyan and towering intellectuals like John Owen. The Puritans were both highly educated/ uneducated common folk—but in all situations were deeply devoted to their God and believed that their lives should orient around God and his Word.

You will see how the Puritans lived, suffered, worshiped, and what they believed about the doctrines of grace, the church, and other important theological truths. The documentary traces their commitment to reaching their culture with the good news of Jesus as well.

God's people are commanded to do everything to the glory of God, and that includes the production of documentaries like this one which describe our Christian commitment.

This is an excellent documentary for family and the church.

The DVD can be purchased at Amazon: Puritans: All of Life to the Glory of God

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