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Pursuing Godliness With Grace and Truth - Mike Kruger & Jen Wilkin

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Video from The Gospel Coalition

"Mike Kruger and Jen Wilkin discuss how to understand the relationship between law and grace. Jen Wilkin coined the term “celebratory failurism” to describe an acceptance of the thought that Christians will never be able to fully obey because of total depravity. Wilkin pushes back on that idea, and she and Mike Kruger discuss why there seems to be a misunderstanding on total depravity, legalism, and obedience to the law. They discuss the struggle between antinomianism (lawlessness) and pharisaical tendencies (lawfulness) and find that the relationship between law and grace is: obedience that pleases God has right motive combined with right action." from video introduction


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