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Video from DTBM

"Satan’s Religions, Paganism & the End of the World Revelation 17 & 18 Satan is Leading a Global Rebellion Against God The only key to correctly understanding history comes from God's Word. God's Word explains to us the struggle going on behind the pages of history is that: Satan is a rebel. First, as Lucifer, the greatest and most powerful creature God ever made, Satan rebelled against God and lost his position as the anointed cherub (Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28) and became Satan, the adversary of God. Next, Satan led a third of the angels of God in rebellion against God (Rev. 12:4), and they become Satan’s demon warriors, following with him in his ongoing rebellion against God. Then, Satan goes on to enlist humanity in his rebellion against God by tempting Eve (Genesis 3), and leading Adam into sin. Finally, at the Tower of Babel, Satan devises a global spread of his rebellion through false religion and materialism. God had made a way for mankind to be redeemed, by a substitutionary, sacrificial, blood-sprinkled, way. But Satan wanted at all costs, to obscure and confuse God’s Way. To do so Satan devised snares to catch humans up in his rebellion. When God describes the world’s end at the close of the Tribulation, He devotes two entire chapters of Revelation to detail the end of Satan’s twin pathways of rebellion." from video introduction.


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