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Video from DTBM

"Bonnie & I just did a Q&A for our current students in our Epistles Class, who are so concerned about these hard times the whole world seems to be going through. What they really wanted to know was--"What about America?" So we added that into the lesson on 2 Peter 3. Here is that Q&A session from yesterday-- Where is America in Prophecy? or Why is America NOT in Prophecy? What Happens to the USA? Five Sobering Possibilities:

1—We Align as Part of the Revived Roman Empire of the West.

2—We Implode Financially because of the 30+ Trillion Dollar Debt Bomb, break into smaller parts, and stop being powerful.

3—We Explode when Russia stops threatening and actually launches 2-4 of those Sarmat Missiles.

4—We Blackout under an EMP strike from China, N. Korea, Russia, or Iran.

5—We Dry out under the 1,200-year Mega-drought we see unfolding in the West right now.

God has Prophetic Parameters:

1—God Says that 4 Kingdoms Fulfill His Plans until the End (Daniel 2:36-45; 7:2-8).

2—Jerusalem is the Central Focus of God’s Plans for the End, plus the People of the Roman Empire (Daniel 9:24-27).

3—The Final War has armies from the East, North, and South joining the Western Ruler who is the AntiChrist of the Roman Empire (Daniel 11:40-45; Rev. 16, 19)

The Roman Empire Has Never Ceased—It Just Morphs:

1—The Roman Empire ruled 5M Square Miles (MSM), and declined in the East from 746 BC—1453 AD.

2—Then the Ottoman Empire ruled 5.2 MSM from 1453-1918.

3—The Portuguese Empire ruled 5.5 MSM from 1415-1820 AD.

4—The Spanish Empire ruled 5.3 MSM from 1492-1810.

5—The French Empire ruled 4.4 MSM from 1800-1900.

6—The British Empire ruled 13.7 MSM (biggest) from 1700-1922.

7—America was a part of the British Empire and now is the current world power 1922-2022." from video introduction.

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