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Read Me! - Have You Picked Up Your Bible Today? Listen to God!!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

God's Holy Word is nourishment to our souls.

When we neglect Scripture we neglect three people; God the Father, Christ Jesus and the Person of the Holy Spirit.

By faith we pray, which is speaking to and Honoring God, we worship him as our life giver that gave us life and now upholds all life including ours.

Many of us have relationships with people we have never seen or met. Yet we feel compelled to contact them and let them know we care and are aware of them.

With God the Father and Christ Jesus who as a physical Human Being standing in heaven and the person of the Holy Spirit that indwells all Christians we have "parents" who wish to hear from us and love us.

Do not neglect them, they are waiting to hear from you.

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