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Updated: Sep 25

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Red the Bible Daily

We live in a distracted world. There are more things to do and aspects of life to focus on then ever before in history.

Reading books is a lifelong discipline and journey. Everyone should always be reading a book and by that I mean a book with significant life value. There is a plethora of sinful and repugnant books available to all of us. Don't waste your time reading about what tempts you to sin but what builds you up in Christ.

The Barna Group states a recent survey that Americans have up to three bibles in their home but generally never open them. Those same people claim to be Christians and to worship God yet they know nothing about the book at the center of their faith. They are Christian Atheists who believe in God but do not know him.

Does that describe you?

We all need help in our busy lives to understand how to make time for Bible Study and what to do once we do.

We must make a commitment to have time to read, pray and worship God. There are no good excuses. All of us make time for trivial pursuits of sports, entertainment, TV and social media which have no lasting value in life. You can literally entertain yourself to death.

We all need to have rest and pursue our interests, God wants us to do these things but he does not want us to worship them.

We all worship something. What are YOU worshiping?

So lets consider a few things you can do now to put Christ and the Gospel at the center of your life.

How much time do you have available and how disciplined are you? Do you read and comprehend well? How familiar are you with the Bible and what level of curiosity do you have that will prompt you to slow down and figure things you don't understand?

Find a church that teaches and reads the Bible as this will help your weekly and daily habit of study and prayer.

You can read the bible in a year by reading 4-5 chapters a day. Make sure you are comfortable with this and don't get overwhelmed. We all forget at least 90% of what we read. That's why repetition in anything is how we learn.

I would recommend a more modest approach such as picking a scripture like

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Write it down, carry it with you pull it out at lunch and read it. Next week pick another verse and do the same.

There are also many good daily devotions like And He Walks with Me from Our Daily Bread

Amazon link attached, that you can read every morning.

The Discipleship Journal Reading Plan provides a structured checklist for the year, a link to the PDF is attached. Have a look.

There are many plans and books out there, pick one and stick to it for a while and don't be afraid to change it up to suit your needs and schedule.

It would also be a good idea to have a place where your Bible and other study resources are located. A place you can go for quite time with God.

Our world is changing and you and I do not know what tomorrow will bring. Trust in Christ and seek him in your daily life. Amen


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