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Red Heifer Update August 29 2020 - READY to Usher in the Third Temple?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Video from Nelson Walters

"Red Heifer Update August 29 2020. Is it READY to usher in the Third Temple Jerusalem? Today is its second birthday, THE FIRST DAY, it can be found kosher (Also watch The Red Heifer and Abraham Accord Both LINKED to Third Temple Why is the sacrifice of the red heifer necessary for Temple Mount sacrifices and the building of the Third Temple? Why is a perfect red heifer a miracle that can't be produced by man? What are the next steps likely this month towards the building of the Third Temple? Temple Institute Heifer Update Abraham Accord Linked to Ezekiel 38 (Gog and Magog), Daniel 8, Isaiah 28 - HOW?! Temple Mount Control CHANGED - Will the Third Temple be Built? When Will The Third Temple Be Built In Israel || The Two Witnesses' Role Third Temple in Jerusalem Requires a Red Heifer || How Soon Will One be Ready?' from the video introduction


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