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Rediscovering the Virtue of Shame (with Gregg Ten Elshof) [Think Biblically Podcast]

Video from Biola University

"Shame has been maligned as a harmful emotion that has no place in human flourishing. But is this view correct? Is it biblical? Sean and Scott talk with Gregg Ten Elshof, a fellow Biola professor, about his latest book For Shame. Dr. Ten Elshof argues that shame is an important emotion, when experienced in the right way, to help with human flourishing in a well-ordered society. Segments: 00:00 — Introduction 01:40 — Defining Shame 03:35 — What is Shamelessness 07:26 — Why write a book on shame? 09:36 — What are the connections between shame and sexuality? 12:23 — How do you distinguish healthy and unhealthy shame? 14:46 — How does cancel culture fit into the idea of shame? 17:45 — What are the similarities between shame and guilt? 23:36 — Understanding shame throughout history 30:16 — Jesus and his role with shame 31:56 — When is shaming okay? 41:40 — Why is shame defined incorrectly? 46:06 — Conclusion. " from video introduction.

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