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Rejecting Fear Based Politics

Rejecting Fear Based Politics
Rejecting Fear Based Politics

The problem with America is not Trump or Biden or democrats or republicans its all of us.

Many of us have become ignorant cirizens unable and unwilling to work for the greater good of our nation and the world around us.

We have become selfish and foolish, we have no respect for other people.

There can be no doubt if we focused as much on Jesus as we do politics and our collective grievances our nation would be blessed.

What are you doing to make this a better world?

Who and what are you afraid of?

God has said repeatedly "fear not", but do we believe Him?

America’s lack of faith in our collective power is a bigger problem than Trump

Americans' loss of a democratic imagination is bigger than a loss in the ballot box.

"Many Americans seem to be trapped in an abusive relationship with the Democratic Party. Every four years of late we are given an ultimatum: Elect our candidate or say goodbye to democracy altogether. 

This year it’s Joe Biden who will save us from the threat of another Trump presidency, and the party and other Biden supporters are applying the formula on cue.

“If Biden is reelected, you can vote for whoever you want in 2028,” read one tweet that also went viral on Instagram. “But if Trump is reelected, you’ll never get to vote again.”

I assume that was a hyperbolic way of saying another Trump presidency will be a dictatorship, a widely shared conviction, and one we have good reason to believe, given that in 2021 Trump tried his darndest to remain in power against the will of the American people.

But at the heart of this way of campaigning is a deeply problematic assumption: The notion that, if the worst-case scenario were to play out and Trump became president-for-life, America’s story ends there.

It displays a poverty of imagination and a sense of denial about America’s history, an ignorance about Americans’ collective power. That fatalism is a much bigger problem than another Trump presidency. Trump is a symptom of a larger problem that precedes him, eclipses him and will outlive him..." .. from the article: America’s lack of faith in our collective power is a bigger problem than Trump

Video from Holy Post

Rejecting Fear Based Politics

"Politicians use othering, aversion, and moralization to shape our political landscape and influence public opinion, but the cross teaches that even when it looks like there is no positive way out, we can still have hope.

Listen to the full episode on the Holy Post Podcast, Episode 603" from video introduction

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