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Religious Experiences in a Secular Age - Professor Dale C. Allison

Video from Blogging Theology

"The Archives of Scientists’ Transcendental Experiences: Encountering Mystery: Religious Experience in a Secular Age by Dale C. Allison Jr.' from video introduction

One of my past careers was as a nurse. I among other things worked in home health/hospice and on a med-surg unit in a hospital. I have seen many people die under and from a variety of circumstances and illnesses.

The process of death which we will ALL experience at some point in time is often very difficult and yet for some pleasant (or so it seems).

What is discussed in the videos below and in the books have been debated since the beginning. Now we have a few more ways to observe how people die. We have a record of many deaths and even some studies (Near Death Experiences), see the video below. Sadly those in many fields of science remain to narrow minded and biased to research. - Andy

Dr Parnia on Near Death Experiences

Video from Joey Loomis

"Doctor Sam Parnia speaking on near death experience." from video introduction

The Sam Parnia AWARE Study &The Near-Death Experience

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"Years of dedicated work by Dr. Sam Parnia and his colleagues have finally resulted in the publication of the AWARE study (AWAreness during REsuscitation) of the nature of consciousness during cardiac arrest and resuscitation. It was published at the end of 2014 in the international medical journal “Resuscitation”, with the journal reference: Parnia, S, et al, (2014), AWARE—AWAreness during REsuscitation—A prospective study. Resuscitation, 85: 1799-1805. Interested readers can download the article by clicking on the link HERE. The title page of the article reveals much about the nature of this study.." from the website:

Erasing Death: The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death by Dr. Sam Parnia (link)

Lucidity Before Death: Extraordinary Challenges to Materialism

Video from Blogging Theology

Your Life Really Does Flash Before Your Eyes When You Die: Brain Study

A close shave with death can cause your life to flash before your eyes — well, sort of.

Dr. Sam Parnia said millions of people across the globe have experienced the phenomenon, known as “lucid dying.”

“People have been reporting that when they were at the brink of death or when they had gone just beyond death, when they were brought back to life again, they had this incredible experience even though they appeared to be dead or in a deep coma from the perspective of the doctors,” Parnia told The Post Wednesday.

“From their own perspective, their consciousness had become more lucid — and more heightened — and as part of that lucidity, they undergo an experience where they’re able to re-live” life.." from the article: Your life really does flash before your eyes when you die: brain study

An excellent article from Scientific American (below).

One Last Goodbye: The Strange Case of Terminal Lucidity

"I’m as sworn to radical rationalism as the next neo-Darwinian materialist. That said, over the years I’ve had to “quarantine,” for lack of a better word, a few anomalous personal experiences that have stubbornly defied my own logical understanding of them.

Once, for instance, I was staying at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale when I had a vivid dream in which there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find my mother’s good friend, Sally, trembling and distraught. “It’s Blaze,” she said to me, weeping inconsolably about her golden retriever. “I can’t find him. He’s not here.” It was such an odd dream that I even shared it with my father the next morning over breakfast. “Weird,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. Later that day at my mom’s house, the phone rang. It was Sally. “It’s Blaze,” she said immediately, sobbing into the phone. “We put him to sleep this morning. I keep expecting him to be in the house but he’s not here, Jesse.”

I can live with the uncertainty surrounding these very few incidents without getting all … unscientific. “Think of all the dreams you’ve had that haven’t come true,” I can tell myself. “So you get one that seems like a premonition. Big deal.” In any event, none of these events have been particularly meaningful to me, just minor hiccups in a naturally ordered universe.

Except for one. Possibly. When my mother died in early 2000, we had a final farewell that some researchers might consider paranormal. At the time, it did strike me as remarkable—and after all these years, I still can’t talk about it without getting emotional. The night before she died at the age of 54 (after a long battle with ovarian cancer), I was sleeping in my mother’s bedroom alongside her. The truth was that I’d already grieved her loss a few days earlier, from the moment she lapsed into what the Hospice nurses had assured us was an irretrievable coma. So at this point, waiting for her body to expire as a physical machine wasn’t as difficult as the loss of “her” beforehand, which is when I’d completely broken down. It had all happened so quickly and, I suppose being young and in denial about how imminent her death really was, I hadn’t actually gotten around to telling her how very grateful I was to have had her as my mom and how much I loved her. But then, around 3am, I awoke to find her reaching her hand out to me, and she seemed very much aware. She was too weak to talk but her eyes communicated all. We spent about five minutes holding hands: me sobbing, kissing her cheeks, telling her everything I’d meant to say before but hadn't. Soon she closed her eyes again, this time for good. She died the next day.." from the article: One Last Goodbye: The Strange Case of Terminal Lucidity


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