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Remembering J.I. Packer

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

In this short 2 minute video from Shawn Nelson You Tube J.I. Packer discusses knowing God.

Remembering J.I. Packer

James Innell Packer (22 July 1926 – 17 July 2020) was an English-born Canadian evangelical theologian and writer. He was considered one of the most influential evangelicals in North America. He authored 40 books but is best known for his best-selling book, Knowing God,

J.I. Packer was a silent warrior for Christ, he ran the race (to age 93) and now he stands before Christ. Well done good and faithful servant!

Consider your Christian Life. Are you a faithful servant? Do you pray daily and read scripture? And when you pray do you speak to God the Father, Christ Jesus, and the person of the Holy Spirit like the persons they are?

Or are you a spectator, a nominal Christian?

Do you immerse yourself in God? Is he on your mind most of the time? What can I do to please my Lord? What can I do for my neighbor, the stranger?

Listen to this short video.

J.I. Packer is a model of discipleship. He knows that we in America (and other places around the world), we Christians have for the most part become like the rest of the world.

J.I. Packer models his faith by a lifelong relationship with Christ.

He rightly points out that the current situation in the church at large is not good enough. Are you part of the reason?

So, pick up your bible, open it and start reading. Make a time every morning where you can pray and read scripture. Talk to God the Father, Christ Jesus, and the Person of the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps the turmoil we are currently in reveals what we should be doing in life. Reset your life. Develop new friendships, help your neighbors, go to church. The clock of your life is ticking, it is counting down. What will you do??????

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