ReThinking Christianity Episode 9: Dr. Michael Heiser on ReThinking How We Approach the Bible

Updated: May 26

Video from Rethinking Christianity

"When it comes to the Bible we often approach it with many misconceptions and ideas. Because of such misconceptions and ideas it can be easy to not fully appreciate the work it takes in reading it. On this episode I interview Dr. Michael Heiser on rethinking how we approach the Bible. Dr. Heiser is a Biblical Scholar, Author, and host of The Naked Bible Podcast. He has many resources on numerous topics regarding the Bible that you can find through his website and social media. Check out Dr Heiser's books, podcasts and other resources:​. Follow ReThinking Christianity on Social Media: About ReThinking Christianity: This is a podcast that is all about rethinking or challenging how we have traditionally viewed Christianity, the Church, the Bible, and Following Jesus. If you are working through reconstructing different thoughts in your faith or working through doubt I hope this podcast can be an aid to you and help guide you along the way.' from video introduction.


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