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Review 2021: "It Could Have Been Worse!": Kim Strassel and Ross Douthat

Video from Hoover Institution

"Recorded on December 13, 2021 It’s the last show of the year for Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson, and as is our tradition (for the last two years, anyhow), we’ve invited two of our favorite journalists —Ross Douthat of the New York Times and Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal— to look back, discuss, and analyze the year that was. We delve, discuss, and predict politics, the law, COVID, the future of Roe v. Wade, and much more." from video introduction.

"..There has been some phenomenal mismanagement of this white house and this congress whether it's the Afghanistan withdrawal which was just handled terribly, whether it's been the failure of the white house to look at the economy and make some smart decisions about spending versus inflation etc., but also congress itself in this endless fight over this Biden legislation and two leaders Schumer and Pelosi who should know better but don't seem to know where all.." Kim Strassel

Hoover Institution (link)


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