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Richest Man in the World: Exploring Our Shared Humanity

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Richest Man in the World: Exploring Our Shared Humanity

"Many of us think that if we just have enough money, everything else will fall into place. We’ll be healthier, our relationships will be stronger, and we’ll have more time - just as long as that bank balance stays high. But true wealth is not about digits in your bank account. Instead, it is all the special things in your life - particularly the things that money cannot buy. Think of how much everything you have would mean to somebody else who dreams of it - health, family, friendships - the list is endless. We wish you a life filled with true riches. Filmed in Hermanus, South Africa. Featuring Obert Jongwe - Instagram - (@obertjongwe) And to learn more about Obert and his work, visit -' from video introduction.

Obert Jongwe

Painting by Obert Jongwe
Painting by Obert Jongwe


"Obert was born on the 3rd of April in 1980 in the rural Mt Darwin in Northern Zimbabwe. During his early years he became interested in drawing through assignments given to him at school. When he became friends with an artist, Tichaona in 1999, he realized that he wanted to become one as well. Through minimal information supplied by his friend, Obert started visiting galleries and studying the different arts around him.

In 2000 he saw the work of a Zimbabwean artist, Tendai Nhavira. This inspired Obert to start painting.

From the first moment of taking painting seriously, Obert knew that he was fulfilling his destiny, working and suffering on this new journey. From the very beginning his work was highly regarded by the galleries, both in Zimbabwe and South Africa." from the website:

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