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Sabbath: Worship, Whole Life Orientation Toward God

Sabbath: Worship, Whole Life Orientation Toward God

"What do you worship? And are you sure? Often times we have a narrow view of what worship is. We think that worship is just singing songs at the front end of a church service, but how do we orient our whole lives toward worship?

In this fourth roundtable discussion, John Mark, Bethany, and Bryan discuss the fourth movement, the climax, of Sabbath. This discussion on worship is accompanied by clips from Tish Harrison Warren, Rich Villodas, and Andy Crouch as well as every day disciples of Jesus.

These podcasts accompany nine Practices developed by Practicing the Way. Thanks to the generosity of The Circle, these practices are now free.

To learn more about The Circle or to participate in the Practice with your church, community, or small group, visit" from the video introduction

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