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Sacred Architecture & The Ultimate Reality

Sacred Architecture & The Ultimate Reality

Our Christian worship service is not an escape from the world around us but the entrance into the ultimate reality we ignore all week.

Sacred Architecture is designed with looking up in mind, with worship and reverence for our Lord.

In this sapce the Word of God is preached, we approach the Lord’s Table and we enter a thin space where we encounter "The Great I Am" who summons us to worship and promises us his presence.

Jonathan Pageau and Fr. Josiah On Sacred Architecture

How Did Christianity Influence Art And Architecture?

"Christianity is one of the largest and most influential religions in the world. With over 1.2 billion followers worldwide, it is no surprise that Christianity has had a significant impact on art and architecture. Christianity has been a major source of inspiration for artists and architects throughout history. Christian symbolism and iconography can be seen in a wide variety of art forms, from paintings and sculptures to architecture and even fashion..." from the article: How Did Christianity Influence Art And Architecture?

Saint Andrew Orthodox Parish
Saint Andrew Orthodox Parish

"Our parish is part of the ancient Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch where St. Luke in the Book of Acts tells us the believers were mockingly called “Christians” for the first time (Acts 11:26). We are part of the global Eastern Orthodox Church community which includes national churches in traditionally Orthodox countries like Russia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and the Middle East, but also in Japan, China, India, the Philippines, throughout Europe including Germany, France, Poland, Finland, across the British Isles, throughout the African continent including Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, and across North, Central and South America. There are over 250 million Eastern Orthodox Christians in the world today and over 1 million in the United States..." from the website:

Father Josiah Trenham

"Father Josiah Trenham was ordained an Orthodox priest in 1993, and has pastored St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, California since 1998. Father has a Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Durham, England, and has taught theology and history at the university since 2004. He has published numerous articles and two books, and lectures widely on many theological topics. He is the founder and director of Patristic Nectar Publications and has more than 700 homilies on his audio-podcast The Arenaand YouTube channel Patristic Nectar Films. He serves as Chaplain both to the national ministry Orthodox Christians for Life, and to the St. Andrew Academy. Father Josiah has been married for over 30 years, and has ten children and several grandchildren." from the website:

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