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Sacred Rhythms for Walking With God (ft. Ruth Haley Barton)

Many Christians go to church but do not change, they do not grow spiritually.

Our Christian culture along with the secular culture has boxed us into a shallow "programatic" faith, a shallow faith that participates but does not grow.

Change is hard, spiritual change in which we slow down, focus, read scripture and most importantly pray, confess our sins and repent is something many do not want to do.

A personal relationship with Christ is center, "Christ and Him crucified".

Ruth Haley Barton helps us see how we have become shallow in our faith.

Video from Eden Project

Sacred Rhythms for Walking With God (ft. Ruth Haley Barton)

"Nathan Wagnon and Chuck Gschwend talk with Ruth Haley Barton about developing rhythms for work and rest, why people go to church but never change, how to live in a deep relationship with God, and much more on this episode of the Pace & Practice podcast.

“In our frenzied culture, the possibility of living in balanced rhythms of work and rest often feels elusive. This rings especially true for pastors and leaders who carry the weight of nonstop responsibility. Most know they need rest but might be surprised to find within themselves a deep resistance to letting go and resting in God one day a week, let alone for longer seasons of sabbatical. The journey to a meaningful sabbath practice is slow and gradual, and it is a journey we need to take in community. Sharing her own story of practicing sabbath for the past twenty years, Ruth Haley Barton offers hard-won wisdom regarding the rhythms of sabbath, exploring both weekly sabbath keeping as well as extended periods of sabbatical time. Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest grounds us in God's intentions in giving us the gift of sabbath, providing practical steps for embedding sabbath rhythms in churches and organizations. Each chapter concludes with "What Your Soul Wants to Say to God," an opportunity to reflect and engage God around your own journey with the material. Sabbath is more than a practice—it is a way of life ordered around God's invitation to regular rhythms of work, rest, and replenishment that will sustain us for the long haul of life in leadership.” from video introduction

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