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Updated: Jul 13, 2023


"The producer of these videos’ Dr Timothy Hull has also written Faith & modern thought. The modern philosophers for understanding modern theology A jargon -busting , myth -busting introduction. Cascade books WIPE and STOCK Publishers" from video introduction.

Kate Kirkpatrick - "My academic research focuses primarily on French phenomenology and existentialism; feminism; and ethics (philosophical and religious). I am fascinated by the relation between literary form and philosophical content, and metaphilosophical questions about philosophy and literature, philosophy and feminism, and philosophy and theology. Other interests include moral formation, ethical exemplars, and conceptions of sin and love, freedom and liberation.

I am Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy and Christian Ethics and Director of Studies in Philosophy at Regent’s Park College, Oxford. Prior to this appointment I held posts at King’s College London, the University of Hertfordshire, and St Peter’s College, Oxford..." from the website: Katekirkpatrick

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