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Satanic Influence in Our World Today: Something in the Air: The Increased Attention to UFOs

Updated: Feb 16

Satanic Influence in Our World Today

"Our fascination with aliens has also led us to speculate about unidentified flying objects – unexplained airborne phenomena – that might be of extraterrestrial origin. Correspondent David Pogue reports on how, as the scientific community continues to question the legitimacy of possible alien visitations, the government's attention toward UFOs has become more serious.' from video introduction.

Satanic influence in our lives takes many forms. Christ has permitted Satan and his followers demons and people to tempt us in a variety of ways. Anything that distracts us from Christ and becoming more Christ like serves his goals.

UFO's are here and if they are fake then that is part of God's plan an if they are real that is also God's plan. Nothing gets by God's Sovereignty. If there are Aliens God knows their hearts as well as ours.

In the meantime don't obsess over aliens focus on Christ and leave the unknow and the Cosmos to him!

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