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Scientists Cannot Explain Where Sin Came From (Biblical Explanation)

"Adam and Eve in the Bible are well known for being the reason for original sin, but why is the world such a mess. Joe Kirby from Off The Kirb Ministries speaks on why Christianity gives all the answers of how God solved our problem through the Saviour Jesus Christ. If you find Off The Kirb Ministires videos helpful please consider subscribing (click link below) so that we don't lose touch:" from video introduction.

What is SIN and where did it come from? Men have tried to define it from the very beginning yet we cannot. Science which is itself a gift from God cannot define it or explain its origins.

So aside from defining it which does not helps us refrain from it what must we do to comprehend our "sin' and overcome it? Well WE cannot overcome it, we as the Human Race have shown we cannot save ourselves. Even today we are incapable of conquering our SINS. We are nort our own creator nor are we our own savior this is a reality and a fact.

In this video from Off the Kirb we are given some excellent illustrations on what sin is and is not!

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