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Send Your Children Out to Play! Technology is Making them Weak & Incapable of Thinking

Children Need to Play & Think
Children Need to Play & Think

In my retirement I teach one day a week as an art teacher at a local private Christian school. One of my main concerns especialy in art class is the inability of most children to think independently, to make a decision on thei own. Some children simply freeze up or just sit and look at the paper.

This coddling of our children is making them incacpabkle of independent thinking. If they continue this way they will be dysfunctional adults incacpable of self-reliant thinking and behavior.

Send your kids outdoor to play and take away their cell phone or tablet!!!

Why Modern America Creates Fragile Children | Jonathan Haidt

Video from Big Think

"Kids are more anxious and depressed than ever. Is identity politics to blame?' from video introduction

Lenore Skenazy: Children Need to Face Issues in Order to Grow | CLIP | American Thought Leaders

Video from American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

"Lenore Skenazy says that children need to handle problems on their own and have interactions on their own, without their parents, in order to mature and develop. Overparenting, she says, leads to fragile children who have more anxiety and with no inner strength." from video introduction


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