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Seven Theses on Theocratic Libertarianism - Doug Wilson

Video from Blog & Mablog

"There are a number of believers who have recognized the radical unstuckness that is afflicting our generation, and it really is heartening to see the realization dawn on a number of different groups that we absolutely need to present a Christian alternative to secularism. Not surprisingly, there are more than a few ways to do this, and so we have different groups suggesting different ways for us to achieve this. There are the theocratic libertarians (Toby Sumpter), classic Reformed political theology (Timon Cline), Christian nationalists (Stephen Wolfe), a Christian form of the classic liberal order (David Bahnsen), stout Baptist resistance (Michael O’Fallon), tactically compromised Baptist resistance (Al Mohler), single issue resistance (John Piper), old school theonomy (Greg Bahnsen), natural law (J. Budziszewski), magisterial Baptist (Joe Rigney), and those trying to stave off or postpone an inevitable already-baked-in sell-out (David French). And of course, our raggety-taggety company here at St Anne’s must not forget our very own MacPhee (James Lindsay). And I would beg leave to play the role of Mr. Bultitude." from video introduction

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