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Should Christian Couples Use Birth Control?

Video from Toups Time

Should Christian Couples Use Birth Control?

"Here is Video 3 in Our Contraception Series! Have you ever wondered if Christian Couples should use birth control or not? Also, we discuss the protestant church history on using contraception and when and why we believe it has changed over the last 100 years. Is it sinful to use Birth Control? Is Birth Control Altering God's Design for Sex and Marriage? If you missed any of our other videos in the series you can find them here: Video 1: We Said No to Blessings : The Case for Large Families • WE said NO to BLESSINGS Like Many oth... Video 2: Why We No Longer Use Contraception...Our Personal Convictions • Why We No Longer Use CONTRACEPTION | ... " from video introduction

Children are a Gift, NOT an Entitlement!

Video from Bible Doctrine Essentials

"Dr. Voddie Baucham explains that children are a gift from God. God does not owe us children." from video introduction

Pregnancy is Always Planned by God

Video from Focus on the Family

"Amy Ford didn't go to her church when she had an unexpected pregnancy, but she wants other women to feel like they can. That's why she started Embrace Grace." from video introduction


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