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Should We Watch for Signs from God? : Ask Pastor John

Video from Desiring God

"Some Christians seem to be always on the lookout for signs from God in creation or circumstances. Does the Bible encourage us in that search? We have talked in the past about fortune-tellers, palm readers, necromancers, witches, and mediums. It’s pretty clear these are all forbidden by God. We covered that in APJ 1052. But here’s a different angle on the question from Jeff in Nashville, Tennessee. “Dear Pastor John, I love the teaching of providence and eagerly look forward to getting my copy of your new book. As a pastor, I battle a growing New Age practice among some Christians in the use of omens. I think that’s the best way to label it. In APJ 1580 you said, ‘As I look at the ten thousand tiny bubbles popping at the top of the foam of my Diet Dr. Pepper, I believe that every one of those bubbles is popping in accord perfectly with God’s bubble-popping plan.’ I totally agree with you! “However, it concerns me that some will use this to justify their belief that when they see a certain number over and over in one day, this is a ‘prophetic’ message from God. Or they will claim to see answers in cloud formations. I know this all sounds silly, but these things are very real for some Christians who are always on the lookout for a ‘sign’ from God. Increasing people’s trust in God’s all-pervasive providence in all things is likely to amplify this tendency. So how do we wisely lead people into God’s all-encompassing providence, especially those who will be tempted (more than ever) to draw out signs from all of life’s circumstances?” Read or listen to this interview at our website:" from video introduction.

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