Shouldn't We Just Read The Bible?

Video from Soteriology 101

"Dr. Leighton Flowers, Director of Evangelism and Apologetics for Texas Baptists, answers a listener submitted question about using resources and tools to help understand the bible." from video introduction.

"Dr. Leighton Flowers was named the Director of Evangelism and Apologetics for Texas Baptists in 2018. In addition to preaching on a wide range of biblical subjects, Leighton regularly travels to churches of all sizes to conduct seminars that specialize on evangelism and apologetics. He has participated in debates with leading apologists and led training conferences for the Annual Convention, Conclave, Apologetic Conferences, and the SBC Annual Convention." from website.

Can't we just get rid of all the baggage of theologies, denominations and just simply read the bible? Although yes we can do that yet we must also recognize that all of theses things are tools God has given us to get closer to him.

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