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Video from DTBM

"Revelation Shows Us: God is in Charge. ANTICHRIST’S DELUSIONS, DECEPTIONS, DISTRACTIONS, & DEMONS vs. GOD’S TRUTH LOVERS! Before we dive into God directing the ending, of human history, as we know it, you may be asking about whether or not a study of eschatology has any real, personal applicability. Revelation lessons are great, you may think, but I just lost my job, or my kids are getting bullied at school, or my parents just got so ill we have to care for them, or my daughter is dating a fellow that isn’t even saved and she seems to be turning away from us and the Lord; or any of thousands more personal struggles we collectively face. As you listen today you will note that God knows everything in advance. That means not just the seals of chapter 6, but also the job you lost this week, the health of your baby about to be born, and the outcome of next week’s surgery or job interview. A study of Revelation confirms the Doctrine of God: Nothing misses His sight. He knows ALL of history in advance. God is not passive. Almighty God is at work guiding every event, every disaster, every gain or loss, and does so perfectly. A study of Revelation also reminds us of the Doctrine of Redemption: God redeemed us with Christ's blood. God just wants our undivided devotion. Almighty God wants us to listen to Him, follow Him, and love Him so much that we trust Him. The lesson He gives us today is that we should trust Him because He is preparing to send a: Global Deception" from video introduction.

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