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SOL Foundation UAP Research: Peter Skafish, Ph.D. on Anthropomorphism & Ontology

SOL Foundation UAP Research: Peter Skafish, Ph.D. on Anthropomorphism & Ontology

"Confirmation that genuine Unidentified Aerial Phenomena exist would be world-changing in every sense of the term. The Sol Foundation marshals intellectual insight and policy expertise to meet the scientific and political challenges." from 

The ongoing investigation of what UAP and associated phenomenon now includes reputable and invested researchers.

For whatever reason the US government and military is continuing a pysop on the public and others.

Private industry and acadamia now need to step in and help determine (if we ever do) what this systematic and long running phenomenon might be.

The Sol Foundation is a major step in this direction.

"Sol Co-Founder, Peter Skafish, Ph.D., talks about conceptualizing nonhuman intelligence.

Presented by Nolan Laboratory and the Stanford School of Medicine in November 2023 at Stanford University, the symposium convened an unparalleled meeting of leading voices from academia, government and industry to collectively drive forward a new academic legitimacy to UAP.

The videos encompass the various talks from across the two-day event, addressing the science of UAP, the potential societal impact, and considering the necessary steps to enable responsible sharing of any information held on the topic. Their release reiterates the Foundation’s message of increased transparency and disclosure surrounding UAP information and regulation; a defining theme of the symposium.

About the Sol Foundation: The Sol Foundation is a research institute that funds and guides scientific research. It produces policy and advisory research aimed at addressing the UAP issue and preparing society for its social implications." from video introduction

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