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Spiritual Gift of Discernment - Greg Holsclaw

Video from Revival Valley

"Revival Valley Spiritual Gift Training. An invitation to partner with the Holy Spirit in how He works in us through spiritual gifts. Greg Holsclaw, author of Supernatural Theology: Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts, briefly discusses the Biblical basis for the empowerments of the Holy Spirit which are for the building up of the church." from video introduction.

"Greg Holsclaw is the founder of Revival Valley starting in 2015 and senior Pastor at All Nations Christian Fellowship. He has lived most of his life in Silicon Valley and has had a successful career as a software engineer and engineering manager before being led to minister full time, having been ordained through the missions and church planting network of Global Awakening (member since 2015). He enjoys starting and leading community groups since 2000 at every church he has been called to. He comes from a family legacy of pastors and his twin brother is also a pastor. He is married to Tracy since 2002.." from the website.

Supernatural Theology: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts by Greg Holsclaw (link)

Revival Valley Church (link)


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