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Why Do the Eclipse Prophets Keep Getting This So Wrong?

Our gullibility as weak Christians is displayed in our eagerness to believe internet prophets.

We seem to spend more time watching videos than praying, repenting, and reading God's Holy Word.

We must repent of our weak faith and turn to Christ!

Why Do the Eclipse Prophets Keep Getting This So Wrong?

Nothing New Under the Sun: The Eclipse, Rapture, and Red-Faced False Prophets

“False prophecies of the return of Christ have wreaked destruction on gullible Christians and associated ministries. Many people who bought into Whisenant and Camping’s failed predictions quit their jobs, sold all of their possessions, and donated large sums of money to the false prophet’s media campaigns.” 

(Paul Brown) For Christians in the United States, 2024 is a boon year for amateur prophetic speculations. For the false prophet, geopolitical events, wars, the coming presidential elections, and the April 8 solar eclipse create the perfect environment to make predictions about the imminent judgment of God or the return of Christ.

Never mind the fact that a number of these so-called prophets have a checkered history when it comes to accurately predicting future events. Self-proclaimed prophet Shawn Bolz has made numerous failed prophetic predictions in the past, including a prophecy that President Trump would win a second term in 2020. Instead of stepping down from public ministry, Bolz decided that he would take a break for a season from public political prophesies, stating, “I am growing in this prophetic journey…” Bolz recently made the vague claim that the eclipse might be a sign from God of a coming national Spiritual awakening or individual breakthrough. View article →

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