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Spiritual Warfare: How Can We Tell When Someone is Demon Possessed?

Video from Capturing Christianity

"In this short clip, Father Vince Lampert explains how, as an exorcist, he's trained to be skeptical of demon possession. This clip comes from a longer interview I did with him. Link to full interview: " from video introduction.

Reverend Vincent Lampert, M.Div., is an American Roman Catholic Priest, designated exorcist of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Father Lampert was appointed as an exorcist by Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlien. As of 2019 there were about 100 Church trained exorcists in the United States.

Many people, many Christians remain skeptical of a fundamental reality of our world that has been verified by The Word of God. The first exorcism performed in the Bible was done by Christ. Demons are creatures that inhabit our space which we are unable to see. An exorcism is a ritual to rid someone of evil spirits that are in them, possessing them. Exorcisms have been badly and sensationally portrayed in movies or on TV which is not an accurate portrayal of reality. There are still instances of exorcisms being performed today in the united States and other countries around the world.

The Bible speaks to us about exorcisms and gives us clear answers. While on Earth Jesus frequently cast out evil spirits/Demons and commanded that His early followers do the same. Jesus’ disciples performed exorcism to show Christ’s power over demons (Luke 10:17) and to prove/show that the disciples were acting under God’s authority. It also showed the possessed person’s lack of faith (Matthew 17:14-21). It was an important part of the ministry of the disciples.

Different people in the Gospels and the Book of Acts performed the practice. The disciples did so as part of Christ’s instruction in Matthew 10, Paul in Acts 16, the children of the Pharisees in Luke 11:18-19, and certain exorcists in Acts 19:11-16. Only certain people at certain times during Christ's ministry were allowed to do this.

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