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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: Aliens, Demons, & the New Age Movement - Steven Bancarz

Updated: Jun 23

Video from Ryan Ries

Aliens, Demons, & the New Age

Steven Bancarz - I’m a former New Ager blogger of and turned Christian after an encounter with the presence of Jesus. I created this website to help provide a rational foundation for faith in Jesus, and to answer questions about alternative topics from a Biblical worldview. from the website: Reasons for Jesus

The Second Coming of the New Age: The Hidden Dangers of Alternative Spirituality in Contemporary America and Its Churches by Steven Bancarz (link)

Ryan Ries is co-founder of The Whosoevers movement, a nonprofit organization that empowers students at public schools, colleges, and universities around the world to make positive choices no matter their circumstances. Ryan teaches Bible studies at Calvary Chapel Golden Spring, and speaks to thousands of teens and adults at music festivals, concerts, skate parks, churches, juvenile detention centers, and rehabs each year. He produces films, organizes music festivals, and hosts a Saturday night radio talk show, The Ryan Ries Show. Ryan continues to work personally with musicians and action sports athletes. Ryan is married to Crystal, and they have triplet daughters and one son. They live in Southern California. from the website:


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