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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: Bigfoot - Credible & Noteworthy Researchers - David Paulides

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

David Paulides Bigfoot 101 Classes
David Paulides Bigfoot 101 Classes

Credible & Noteworthy Researchers - David Paulides

David Paulides
David Paulides

Few researchers/investigators of "Bigfoot" are as objective and equally willing to admit he is no expert as is David Paulides.

Paulides has done some excellent research and worked toward informing the public about Missing 41, Bigfoot and UFO's in our nation and he covers ongoing incidents and reports on his Canam Missing Project Youtube Channel.

"Dave Paulides brings a 20-year law enforcement career and unique investigative skills to Bigfoot research. The California resident pioneered compelling investigative techniques. He canvassed neighborhoods of sightings to interview witnesses and find corroborating information. He also used respected forensic artist Harvey Pratt with witnesses. Resulting pictures revealed a creature more human looking than ape.

Dave’s Bigfoot work has done much to shift theories toward ideas that Sasquatch is an intelligent hominid more like humans. His work has a strong connection to the Western Native American communities. Particularly to the tribe geographically located near the Patterson/Gimlin footage site.

Dave’s interest has shifted to investigating mysterious missing persons cases in National Forests but his two Bigfoot books are essential reading.

Books by Dave Paulides:

Bigfoot Books:

Other Works:

from the website:

Missing 411- David Paulides Interviews Bigfoot Researcher Jim Myers

"This interview is for everyone slightly or deeply interested in Sasquatch. Jim Myers is a former administrator for an international organization where he negotiated the release of hostages and protected members throughout third world countries. A deep thinker and a fun interview. Here is Jim's link to his museum and store: © 2022 David Paulides NABS LLC" from video introduction

Bigfoot 101 Classes

Class # 2

There are a total of 21 videos in the Bigfoot series available on his Youtube channel.

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