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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: The Reality of Cattle Mutilations & The NID's Study

Video from Earthfiles

"TOPICS: Who - or What - Is Killing and Mutilating Cattle in Kansas?" from video introduction

"Linda Moulton Howe is a distinguished author, speaker and writer in the UFO community. She is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television, radio, writing and reporting career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment. Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys, a national Emmy nomination and was an honored producer for medical and science programming in a WCVB Boston Station Peabody award." from YouTube Channel

Be Skeptical, Be Open Minded!

Is this a subject that Christians should care about? Yes

For one thing there are many people Christians and otherwise that have had livestock killed in this manner. It is a matter of finance, an investment that is gone.

Secondly if there are legitimate cause for concern that our food chain has been contaminated it is a concern of all of us.

Also this is a long standing mystery that needs to be understood.

Predators or Something Else?
Predators or Something Else?

Let's Start with the "National Institute of Discovery Science" (NID's)

"The National Institute for Discovery Science (NID's) was a privately financed research organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and operated from 1995 to 2004. It was founded in 1995 by real-estate developer Robert Bigelow, who set it up to research and advance serious study of various fringe science and paranormal topics, most notably ufology. Deputy Administrator Colm Kelleher was quoted as saying the organization was not designed to study UFOs only. "We don't study aliens, we study anomalies. They're the same thing in a lot of people's minds, but not in our minds." NIDSci was disbanded in October 2004.' from the website:

Robert Bigelow

"Entrepreneur Robert T. Bigelow is the Founder and President of Bigelow Aerospace, LLC. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bigelow Aerospace is a general contracting, research and development company that concentrates on achieving economic breakthroughs in the costs associated with the design, development, and construction of habitable space structures for private enterprise and government use. Since 1999, Mr. Bigelow has personally provided all financial support totaling over $350 million to date. In addition, Mr. Bigelow provides the daily strategic leadership at Bigelow Aerospace in its design, development, and testing of expandable habitat architectures where Bigelow Aerospace employs approximately 150 employees at its Las Vegas facility. Mr. Bigelow has successfully launched two subscale spacecraft called Genesis I & II into orbit as well as the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), which is attached to the Tranquility module of the International Space Station. Moreover, Mr. Bigelow serves as the program manager of the B330 spacecraft – Bigelow Aerospace’s main habitation system for LEO and beyond LEO destinations.

Robert Bigelow is an experienced general contractor, designer, developer, financier, buyer and manager of many large real estate projects in the US. Mr. Bigelow holds the exclusive licensing rights to commercialize expandable habitat technology originally conceived but abandoned by NASA in the 1990’s. Over the last seventeen years, Mr. Bigelow has earned over twenty patents, launched three prototype spacecraft, partnered with NASA on several contracts, built the necessary facilities to design and fabricate expandable habitat technology, and has advocated for a sustainable commercial space economy.' from the website:

The FBI & Cattle Mutilations

Although this video report is relatively old we can get a feel for what went on.

Did the FBI make a honest effort or did they just try to get it behind them?

Old cattle mutilation stumped Feds

Video from KRQE

"A 130-page file reveals just how deep the Federal Bureau of Investigation probed into the cattle mutilation mystery that mystified cattle ranchers in New Mexico and a string of other states from the west coast to the Midwest." from video introduction

Here is a link to the FBI Vault online resource concerning Animal Mutilations.

Detectives Perplexed by Mysterious Oregon Cattle Mutilations

A recent 2021 article about cattle mutilations in Oregon.

"The udders appeared to have been removed with precision — straight, even cuts, as if made by a sharp object.

The reproductive systems had been cut out cleanly as well, and without disturbing other organs.

There was no indication of predator activity and perhaps strangest of all, scavenging animals appeared to have hardly touched these six cow carcasses found in a seven-day span this year on ranchland in rural Crook County.." Detectives perplexed by mysterious Oregon cattle mutilations

A Possible & Plausible Theory for Some Cattle Mutilations

WEAPONIZED : EPISODE #5 with Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp + The Science of Animal Mutilations

Video from Jeremy Corbell

"Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D., is a biochemist with a fifteen-year research career in cell and molecular biology. Following his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Dublin, Trinity College in 1983, Kelleher worked at the Ontario Cancer Institute, the Terry Fox Cancer Research Laboratory, and the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine. He more recently has worked as project manager and team leader at a private research institute (NIDS), using forensic science methodology to unravel scientific anomalies, including animal mutilation cases, investigations of black triangle incidents, and other unexplained phenomena. He was a program manager for the largest government-funded UFO investigation (AAWSAP) overseen by the Defense Intelligence Agency and is currently senior manager with BICS, the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies. ••• In WEAPONIZED, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp pull back the veil on the world of the known, to explore the unexplained. This multi-platform investigative series features exclusive interviews, never-before-seen footage, previously-suppressed documents, original audio and video recordings, and hard evidence related to UFOs, the paranormal, cutting-edge science, cover-ups, conspiracies, and big-time crimes. Original, groundbreaking conversations with government whistleblowers, spies, spooks, scientists, military officials, muckraking journalists, filmmakers, historians, artists, musicians, and major celebrities will cast a wide shadow through the other-world… and detail the human experiences that inform these extraordinary phenomena. Your curiosity will be WEAPONIZED." from video introduction

A Cattle Mutilations Rapid Reaction Team

Among the many anomalies that NIDS studied and researched was cattle mutilations in fact they had a quick reaction team to go to the sites of cattle mutilations. A team lead by Colm Kelleher would arrive within several hours to do forensic analysis of the animal and the scene.

UFO sightings reported during the Elsberry, Missouri cattle mutilations, 1978


Bi - Symmetrical Mimicry & The Phenomenon

In the video above "Weaponized" Colm A. Kelleher, gives us a very plausible explanation for what all the different instances of cattle mutilations could be caused by.

Paraphrased from the video transcript:

" NIH scientist out in Papua New Guinea uh was investigating this bizarre brain disease that people in Papua New Guinea were coming down with Edibles yeah there were cannibals they were eating their dead as a sign of respect but the problem with eating their dead was they were eating the these people's brains, and they were come down with this uncontrollable shaking and they would die soon you know within a year or two. So this guy his name was Carlton Gajushek and he got the bright idea of you know who's kind of like a James Bond.. he would be out in the wilds and these people would be dying all over the place of this uncontrollable disease, so we would open their skulls take their brains out which were infected with this thing and he would ship them back to the National Institutes of Health in the United States. They all ended up in this place called Fort Dietrich Maryland which is a center of biological warfare research in the United States.

So they started in the 1960s they really had no idea what this causative agent was doing or what it was they thought it might be a slow virus so they started injecting this these brain slurries into every animal they could get their hands on. Everything like from chimpanzees.. they set up this sort of zoo like like area in Maryland there was actually a Wildlife Reserve in Maryland and they started injecting deer. They started injecting chimpanzees mice rats anything they could lay their hands on to see if these animals would get sick, and a lot of them did. But the problem with that is that the the Wildlife Reserve was so poorly uh secure that a lot of these animals escaped.

So you the origin of this hypothesis is that this prion which is a very slow way of dying was moving slowly through the food chain.

And there was a major outbreak of this prion disease in northeastern Colorado in the 60s and so in the calculation the phenomenon erupted in northeastern Colorado around the same time, roughly, temporarily and so you know you've got all these sort of lights in the sky that were causing these animals or associated with these animals dying and so the hypothesis we put out was that they were actually monitoring the spread of these prions as it spread. Through the cattle herds in northeastern Colorado and then they found that there was spreading a lot quicker through the United States so and it's scary as hell.

Colm's book Brain Trust tracks the spread of this it really is through the food chain you know those animals get out a deer is infected it gets hit and and somebody grinds it up and feeds it to other animals these prions are indestructible so now those animals have it. So you've had cows eating cows and they get it and then they they get ground up and people eat them and it goes into humans.

There's been an explosion we don't call it Mad Cow anymore but other kinds of brain diseases brain, wasting diseases that nobody wants to talk about that nobody wants to admit might be related to this because they don't want to alienate the beef industry the pig industry they want to keep people eating this stuff.

Yeah so so I remember this one time in Pioneer town you sat me down at a table and I was where I was filming this adventure to go there's a fresh you know cattle but I you laid it out for me at that table you're like no this is happening. It's much more no matter what it is you know from lights in the sky to a government program to people running around no one's ever been caught and you sat me at that table and you laid it out. For me I was astonished with the documentation that you were able to show me from the FBI on my question for you is with the book Brain Trust when did you put did you publish this after these investigations? With the nid stuff yeah okay so you had Direct first-hand but the book is not all about that part of the mystery it's about the prions and the tracking of this illness yes yeah the majority of the book is about the the tracking of the illness the origin in Papua New Guinea and the way it it tracked into the United States and then um it it tracked through different animals and Wildlife through the United States.."

".. back up so you have direct knowledge that our government was using the UFO phenomenon as cover in a way like what what like faking UFO encounters yeah I mean the the Barry Colonel Barry Hennessy was legendary in the Air Force office of special investigations he ran a subset of that called an organization called PJ. This was the sort of the really heavy duty counterintelligence organization and so we interviewed him in 2009. Like counterintelligence about the UFO topic are a lot of things of of the Air Force all of the earth okay yeah so so a subset of that now came up during our interview. The only reason we interviewed uh Colonel Hennessy was because he was a Legend in this field and we had heard rumors that the Air Force had utilized the UFO phenomenon to cover you know various uh special access programs.

You know a good example was an early version of the F-117 Queen had crashed near Dulce in New Mexico in the 80s and so UFO lore grow grew up around that part of New Mexico and it was perpetrated by agents of afosi so it was very convenient for the Air Force to have a lot of people talk about you know alien UFOs crashing in in Northern New Mexico when actually an early prototype of the F-117 had crashed in Northern New Mexico.

So that was an example of a sort of a marriage of convenience and other other examples that Colonel Hennessy gave us was there was a very famous set of sightings in in what was called the Northern Tier missile bases that spanned between Canada and the United States it was Loring Air Force Base in Maine and Wordsmith Air Force Base, miles from Air Force Base Minot Air Force Base right across the the Northern Tier.

A lot of those bases during the 1970s had incursions from very weird sort of UFO type activity but Colonel Hennessy told us some of those were ours you know some of those were direct penetration attempts to see to assess and evaluate the security level of these Air Force bases but he flat out said some of them were not ours, some of them were theirs so so so it was this discrepancy between some are ours and some are theirs but the Northern Tier sightings are usually associated with only UFO activity.

But we know from what Colonel Hennessy told us that it was both right and so you know I've talked to certain uh Pilots you know have you ever seen a UFO in the work. Military Pilots right have flown special craft you know and they're like no but I've seen one you know it's like the misidentification but I I think what's hard for people to unravel.."

Two Groups Involved in Cattle Mutilations?

Following the NID's theory there are two actors or groups (perhaps multiple) involved in the cattle mutilations over the past several decades.

1) Federal Government using outside corporate contractors to sample livestock across the nation in real time for the spread of prions into the food chain vis a vi animals. Kelleher points to reports of law enforcement finding medical instruments underneath mutilated cattle.

2) Entities from "The Phenomenon" whatever that is, that mimics what the government is doing. This is the "woo", the strange and weird aspects that are even harder to analyze or understand.

These two overlap, creating more confusion and of course there may be third or forth parties as well, we just don't know.

This report and the intense actions and study by NID's is not widely known but should be!!

The Black Helicopter Connection?

Unmarked Black Helicopter
Unmarked Black Helicopter

Cattle mutilations are intimately connected in some way to the appearance of black unmarked military helicopters.

Are the helicopters just be misunderstood? Are they involved in normal military exercises?

The theory of independent corporate contractors using those types of aircraft is plausible.

Of course like many things this has been hijacked by and made ambiguous by ongoing conspiracy theories that are long on speculation but short on fact.

Read the two excellent articles below on the subject of black helicopters!

What Are The Black Helicopter Conspiracies?

"For those who spend any amount of time in conspiracy circles talk of “black helicopters” is relatively rampant. And these potentially ominous aerial vehicles have links to a wide range of secret activity, from UFO sightings, encounters with the Men In Black, and even cattle mutilation. In fact, it was during the wave of cattle mutilation cases of the late-1970s when black helicopters began to be reported regularly. Many ranch owners and farmers would claim to have witnessed these vehicles in the days before or after the discovery of a mutilated animal.

In some circles, however, these menacing helicopters carry with them an air of paranoia, particularly it would seem in the United States, where a persistent and underlying concern still resides among many of an “invasion” by soldiers from a secret shadow world government. In a similar vein, sightings of black helicopters have been linked to secret mind control projects of intelligence agencies, apparently sending out low-frequency waves to vast sections of the population. No one organization exclusively owns such a unit of heavy-duty black helicopters, yet the sightings continue to stack up. While the theories as to what they are and why they apparently patrol our skies may be up for debate, the existence of these mystery aircraft surely isn’t.

We will look at a recent case in Chicago from September 2018 that would appear to feature one of these black helicopters at the end of this article. The footage below, though, is very much worth watching, if only to give a “feel” for what people across the world, but in particular the United States, claim they are seeing increasingly in the skies above them.

A Genuine Mystery – Menacing Or Not!

The fact is, nobody actually knows who owns these black helicopters or what their purpose is. As is very obviously the point, the exterior is unmarked of any distinguishing features or symbols. And while they stand out very obviously in the day, their black exterior allows night missions to be carried out much more discreetly. If these machines operated in silence such clandestine missions would be even easier to carry out.

Bizarrely, many of these reports actually mention that the helicopters make no sound whatsoever. This would appear to be nonsensical, as helicopters can most often be heard before seen due to the frantic rotation of the helicopter blades which keep the object aloft (known as blade-vortex interaction). However, it would appear that these claims are not as ridiculous as we might think when we look at news from Eurocopter engineers that their Blue Edge rotor blade system operates in virtual silence. [1] As you might imagine, while it might not alter its presence on an enemy’s radar screen, any potential targets in the immediate vicinity of such a silent craft would be (relatively) easy pickings.." from the article: What Are The Black Helicopter Conspiracies?

Sinister Skies: A History of the Black Helicopter Mystery

Since the mid-1960s, countless people, all around the globe, have had encounters with what have become infamously known in conspiracy circles as “black helicopters.” Typically, as the name suggests, these craft are completely black in color and lack any markings that might, otherwise, provide an explanation as to who, exactly, is flying them and why. Black helicopters are most often seen: (a) in areas where UFO activity is prevalent, (b) where so-called cattle-mutilation events have occurred, and (c) in close proximity – sometimes in perilously close proximity – to the homes of people who have become known as alien abductees. Oddly, the craft are very often described as flying in almost complete silence. Hardly surprisingly, this collective data has led many conspiracy theorists and UFO investigators to conclude that the black helicopters originate with clandestine, government-run groups that keep a careful and concerned watch on the UFO phenomenon, as well as its interactions with us, the Human Race.

On October 11, 1966, for example, a notable UFO encounter occurred at the Wanaque Reservoir, New Jersey. It involved a group of police officers who all had a very close encounter with a classic, saucer-shaped UFO which hovered over the reservoir for a brief period, thus allowing the astonished officers to see the craft up close and personal, before it vanished in the vicinity of nearby woods. Within minutes, half a dozen unmarked helicopters – presumed by the officers to have been military in origin – were seen flying in the direction where the UFO disappeared. In mid-January 1974, the British media was tipped off by government insiders that there was deep concern on the part of officialdom that someone – someone unknown and maybe of hostile intent – was flying unmarked helicopters around the skies of the United Kingdom, and in the dead of night, no less. All across the north of England the curious craft were seen, as is evidenced by the following, official statement put out by Cheshire Police when the story reached the media: “We don’t know of any reason why the helicopter should make these trips at night. Obviously we are anxious to find out. Apart from anything else, the helicopter crosses one of the main flight paths to Manchester Airport. There is an obvious danger to the aircraft going into the airport. We are very interested to know what is happening. We hope to be able to trace the pilot and put some suggestions to him. It would appear the pilot is in breach of civil aviation laws. A special license is needed to fly a helicopter at night.” Police from Derbyshire, England acknowledged they had received such reports, too: “All sorts of things spring to mind but we have pretty much ruled out that it is anything to do with illegal immigrants, and nothing appears to have been stolen in the areas where the aircraft has been sighted.” As the encounters with the black and unmarked helicopters continued, an elite arm of the British Police Force known as Special Branch - whose work primarily revolves around combating terrorism within the U.K. - got involved in the investigation. This is made clear via a now-declassified Special Branch file on the affair titled Alleged Unauthorized Helicopter Flights in Derbyshire and Cheshire.." from the article by Nick Redfern: Sinister Skies: A History of the Black Helicopter Mystery

From the website: is an incomplete list for what its worth of black helicopter sightings: List of sightings

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