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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: The Series "UFO's Investigating the Unknown"

UFOs Investigating the Unknown
UFOs Investigating the Unknown

This new docuseries from National Geographic is highly recommended! Watch it if you are curious about what all this UFO stuff is.

Done in a serious professional manner the program draws on the long held heritage of flying saucer folklore, stories about alien interlopers and reports of recovered flying vehicles and their alien occupants.

The reality is that the indirect evidence goes far beyond being overwhelming.

If we factor in that many sightings are mis-identifications of more prosaic weather phenomenon, secret government aircraft etc. what we have left is physical evidence and detailed reports of UFO crashes and retrievals, people who have been physically/mentally harmed by something!

These reports go back hundreds of years.

This series will help you understand the background of "The Phenomenon" especially here in the United States.

"UFOs: Investigating the Unknown" episodes:

Episode One — "Secret Pentagon UFO Program" spotlights the behind-the-scenes work that led to the 2017 New York Times story and challenges what we thought we knew about UFOs.

Episode Two — "Giant UFO in Texas" revisits the mass sighting of the Stephenville, Texas, case with new interviews and perspectives.

Episode Three — "Close Encounters at Nuclear Bases" explores the challenging UFO taboo left in the wake of the U.S. government formally ending its UFO-investigation program and examines a years-long mass sighting known as the "Hudson Valley Wave."

Episode Four — "Citizens Take Charge" looks at a range of citizens who took charge to make sense of continued UFO encounters, including dedicated field investigators, sighting repositories, obsessive conspiracy theorists and former government officials who have risked their reputations to speak out in favor of renewed government involvement.

Episode Five — "Government Breaks Silence" examines the 2015 Navy pilot reports of strange encounters, the 2022 Congressional hearing following the latest developments around the historic 2021 intelligence report, and considers whether we are entering a new era of transparency and discovery about this mysterious phenomenon.

I have been watching the series on Hulu, it is also available on the National Geographic Channel.

Secret Pentagon Program Clip | UFOs: Investigating the Unknown | National Geographic

"For more than five decades the US government has refused to discuss UFOs, but now, Navy pilots tell of seeing mysterious objects tracking their fighter jets – vehicles unlike anything they’ve ever seen before; top-secret Naval videos are leaked that captivate the world. Government officials, led by former U.S. Senator Harry Reid, demand an investigation. At long last, it looks like the truth about UFOs may finally be revealed." from the video introduction.

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