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Exploring the Intricacies of Spiritual Warfare and UFOs: Are We Focusing on the Right Questions?

Updated: Apr 14

Exploring the Intricacies of Spiritual Warfare and UFOs: Are We Focusing on the Right Questions?

UAP'S/UFO'S - Are We Asking the Wrong Questions?

"Why did the US Navy release the Nimitz UAP footage? Why aren't the USAF investigating UFOs? Are UFOs advanced military technology? Why do we think they are alien craft? Are WE ALL asking the wrong questions? Prof Simon looks at the BIG PICTURE." from the video introduction.

As I have said in the past we all know that God's creation is complex beyond human understanding. What we can't see no doubt is as complicated or more complicated than what we can see.

And what's to say even if we are presented answers or explanations of all these things people could understand or would understand?

We also can see how the public, people in general right now in America and elsewhere will deny reality, what is right in front of them. People are simply so deluded they are willing to believe anything no matter how irrational, foolish, or evil. This is ever so evident in our politics today!

In the above video, Professor Holland brings some common sense and clarity to the subject.

  • Are we asking the wrong questions?

  • Disinformation is the common denominator between all the armed forces, the Pentagon, etc.

  • This has been used to great effect to discredit and confuse people about secret government programs: Examples include Paul Bennewitz and John Doty.

  • Information has been released by the Pentagon initially and no one else.

  • Now well-known incidents including Tic-Tac videos occurred ONLY with Military Operation Areas during live fire exercises with pervasive coverage of the area by radar etc.

  • Indicates the inability of the Navy to have control over its air space.

  • Why among all the Armed Forces has the Navy and not the Air Force (who is in charge of our air space) been the only one to provide video or discuss?


  • Is it just secret military technology?

  • In the now famous Rendlesham Incident only U.S Air Force personnel were affected, no other military personnel were present, why?

  • Although there is no doubt from all the evidence of paranormal and supernatural creatures and events, we are evidently still being controlled and manipulated through the media in our thinking about these subjects.

  • For further reading: Mirage Men by Mark Pilkington (link)

Point: The Nimitz Encounters - A Film by Dave Beaty

Video from Shaun Attwood

November 2004, 90 miles of the coast of Mexico near San Diego, California, the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group was conducting routine training and aerial defense exercises when unexplained events occurred. No one could have predicted what would soon confront the world's most advanced naval war ships and fighter jets. Aerial craft would appear that forever changed all those that encountered them. The answers to the question of “what are they?” remains unanswered by the sailors and the US Gov. After years of cloaked secrecy the true story can finally be told. With multiple witnesses from the ships, their first-hand testimony is impossible to deny.

The film features CGI re-creations as told by the sailors and naval aviators that witnessed them. Aside from the historical fictionalized dialog (no one recorded the radio conversations), the story itself is based on the facts of the case, including official US government docs, witness statements, news reports and official timelines.

See for links to the official documents.

Contact the filmmaker at Some military personnel have requested their names be removed or remain anonymous, out of respect for their privacy we have changed names and details to protect their identity. All similarities to persons living or dead is unintentional. The producers have made every attempt to verify details and deny any liability for errors or omissions.

Counterpoint: Explained: New Navy UFO Videos

Video from Mick West

"April 27,2020 - Today the Navy officially released three videos of UFOs. They are called FLIR, GIMBAL and GOFAST. The internet immediately took this as meaning that aliens are real. But the videos are not actually new. They were internally declassified back in 2017, and immediately released by Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy. I started writing about them in December 2017. With the help of others, I quickly arrived at likely explanations for all three videos. The FLIR video is most likely a distant plane. The video was taken well after the famous encounter with a hypersonic zig-zagging tic-tac by pilots from the NIMITZ. This object doesn't actually move on screen - except when the camera moves, and it resembles an out of focus low-resolution backlit plane. I don't know what the pilots saw, but this video does not show anything really interesting. The GIMBAL video is also probably of a plane. .... It's not rotating. What you see is the infrared glare of the engines, larger than the plane. It looks like it is rotating because of an artifact of the gimbal-mounted camera system. This is all a bit confusing, so I made several videos explaining it. Oh, and the "AURA" around the plane, that's just image sharpening. It happens all the time in thermal camera footage. It's not an alien warp drive, it's just the unsharp mask filter. The GO-FAST video probably shows a balloon. It's not moving fast, it's not skimming the water, and you can verify this yourself because all the information you need is in the numbers on screen. It's just an effect caused by parallax. Over the last few years, I've made a variety of videos explaining all this.

You can find the playlist here:

If you've got questions (especially about the GIMBAL video) then I probably covered it there, or it would be covered in the various discussion on Metabunk. If it's not covered, then let me know (, and I'll try to find an answer. All I'm explaining here are these three videos, not other videos. And I'm not explaining any eyewitness accounts. These three videos are not as interesting as they seem and they have quite plausible explanations. The Navy probably arrived at similar conclusions - that these are simply unidentified aircraft, drones, or balloons - but because of the default operational secrecy regulations nobody can talk about it. And that opened the door to all this speculation. Hopefully, I've cleared it up a little. Visiting aliens are always a possible explanation for any UFO video, but these videos don't show evidence of any kind of advanced technology - so, unfortunately, the real explanations, while fun to investigate, are probably pretty boring." from video introduction.

'One Word' - PLASMA

Laser induced Plasma is the technology of the 21st Century. Prof Simon investigates. 'One Word' - PLASMA

00:00 Opening titles 00:34 Main Title 00:39 Introduction 02:04 Rendlesham 03:38 Guide Stars 05:42 Stealth 07:04 The Graduate 'one word' 08:38 Plasma technology

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