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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: Yemen’s Barhout Well & Otherworld Gates

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Yemen’s Barhout Well & Otherworld Gates

The evidence just keeps piling up. The reality that there has always existed other dimensions and creatures/entities that inhabit them is becoming more and more difficult to ignore.

"The Phenomenon" as some describe it seems to consist of many parts. And as we are beginning to vaguely realize the UFO's that we have been obsessed with for so long is just a puzzle piece.

The Bible has described many of the things we ponder today. Yet of course many are still biased and will not admit to what the Bible describes might be the ultimate reality that we fail to see.

Many of the entities that are described by abductees are hostile to Christianity, or promote what is clearly new age/old age religion. No doubt much has been embellished yet the truth keeps popping up. The reality of Demons and other unseen creatures is pervasive across cultures and around the world and has been so for thousands of years.

The video above about Yemen's Barhout Well, like much relating to our world places malignant entities in the desert regions. This is not new and has been related throughout history (see article below).

Portals which the Barhout Well may include is becoming more and more understood to be possible if not real.

Is the current conditions in our world contributing to this opening up of "The Phenomenon"? Maybe!

It is also becoming more evident that certain people are hard wired in some way to perceive these entities etc. more than others. How our consciousness plays into this we are only beginning to understand.

My educated guess is that Consciousness is fundamental and that Time and many other things are features of it.

We live in a very interesting time.

Data is no longer the king and it never was. The Empirical Outlook on reality has been missing the broad array of what is out there but we are too biased to look into it. The point of view that if there's no data its not possible or real is becoming less and less reliable. Therefore with that in mind let us remain skeptical and objective, realizing that creation far exceeds our imaginations.

I hope you enjoy the videos. - Andy

"..Demonology in the Bible

Israel's official religion contrasts sharply with contemporary polytheisms in the role assigned to demons, which in the Bible is practically nil. Magic was prohibited among the Israelites from very early times, for already the oldest collection of laws, the Book of the Covenant, contains the command: "You shall not tolerate a sorceress" (Ex. 22:17 [Eng. 22:18]; cf. Deut. 18:10–12), and Saul put the practitioners of necromancy out of the land (I Sam. 28:3). Since much of pagan magic was protective – intended to keep demons away or to expel them – obviously Israel's religion aimed at a very radical extirpation of traffic with demons. Calamities and illnesses were not from demons but from the Lord. "Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord has not done it?" (Amos 3:6). Although God does not always accomplish His will immediately, but uses angels and spirits as agents, it is ordinarily made explicit that the spirits are under His control. The evil spirit which troubles Saul is "an evil spirit from the Lord" (I Sam. 16:14). Therefore, one must not overestimate the importance of the numerous small traces of belief in demons which survive in the Bible, or underestimate the difficulties involved in interpreting them. Most of the passages in question are poetic, and it is often impossible to be certain whether the demon named is part of living religious belief, or only part of traditional literary language. Just as some Mesopotamian demons have names which are also common nouns, so in biblical cases like dever and mavet (mawet; see below) it is hard to be sure when these are proper names and when not. The Israelite conception of demons, as it existed in the popular mind or the literary imagination, resembled in some ways that held elsewhere. Demons live in deserts or ruins (Lev. 16:10; Isa. 13:21; 34:14). They inflict sickness on men (Ps. 91:5–6). They trouble men's minds (Saul; I Sam. 16:15, 23) and deceive them (I Kings 22:22–23) – but nevertheless these evil spirits are sent by the Lord. The mysterious being who attacks Jacob in Genesis 32:25ff. exhibits a trait which a very widespread belief associated with certain demons, who are spirits of the night and must perish at dawn. Even in Israelite popular religion, however, there seems to have been relatively little fear of the spirits of the dead. The Bible often mentions the shades of the dead, but "the congregation of the shades" (Prov. 21:16) carries on a shadowy existence below, and does not seem to trouble the living. Some features of the Israelite cult bear a formal resemblance to apotropaic measures employed in other religions. Thus, the bells on the robe of the high priest (Ex. 28:33–35) recall the use of bells in other cultures in the belief that their tinkling keeps off demons. So, also, horns (Ex. 19:16; Lev. 25:9; et al.), incense (Lev. 16:12–13), smearing of doorposts (Ex. 12:7), the color blue (Num. 15:38), written scripture-texts (phylacteries; Deut. 6:8; 11:18) – all have parallels elsewhere as devices to ward off evil spirits. In a given case, however, it is often extremely difficult to say to what extent any of these devices were consciously used for protection against demons at a particular period.." from the article: Jewish Concepts: Demons & Demonology

The Otherworld Gates: Skinwalkers, UFOs and the Portals Between Worlds

Video from ExoAcademian

"When we look back at the history of the topic collectively referred to as “high strangeness”, it’s clear that, for a long time, various phenomena were studied as distinct fields of inquiry. And often, so-called ghost-hunters, Bigfoot investigators, and UFO researchers were distinct groups of people, who kept to their “own lane”, so to speak. As we’ve discussed previously on the Point of Convergence podcast, over time it has become clear that this is likely not the best way to approach these topics, because there appears to be a repeated overlap between them. For instance, a person who experiences one of these kinds of uncanny encounters is much more likely than an average random individual from the general population to experience other kinds as well. Indeed, one of the most useful predictors of someone experiencing any form of high strangeness – whether that be a UFO sighting, contact with non-human intelligence, a near death experience, remote sensing, or an out of body experience – is that they’ve already experienced any of the phenomena from this list. That tells us that, clearly, some people seem “hard-wired” to perceive and experience a broader bandwidth of reality than the general population. But uniquely “gifted” and “sensitive” individuals only represent one of the ways that we see overlap between these various kinds of contact modalities. Another fascinating data-point that has emerged from a cross-discipline study of various forms of high strangeness is that certain particular locations seem more prone than others to be host to such paranormal phenomena. There are numerous examples of such places around the world: the Uinta Basin of Utah, Sedona, Arizona, New Zealand’s Kaikoura mountain range region, New York’s Hudson Valley, the Bermuda Triangle, and many more. Often these locations are not only known for just one particular kind of paranormal encounter, but several. This has led some to postulate that such places may be paranormal thuways of some kind – where different realities can and do sometimes overlap and interact. This hypothesis suggests that it’s not necessarily that different entities and phenomena are related to each other per se, but that different entities are simply using the same interdimensional portals to gain access to our world. Indeed, these otherworld gates, as we might call them, might not just be the bridge between two worlds, but a nexus point joining together not one but multiple other worlds and/or parallel realities. At least that’s one possibility. Another possibility is that what we observe in these porous “thin places” between worlds, is one singular phenomenon, that is able to disguise itself in many forms. The existence of such portals is a mind-boggling notion, and yet the data certainly points in this direction. And it makes one wonder what might be possible if we could gain access to these throughways ourselves. Are these locations the exit points for wormholes long ago established by non-human intelligences from elsewhere in our universe, or from a different universe entirely? And what does the existence of such portals suggest about ultimate reality? These and other fascinating questions and the topic of this, the 19th episode of the Point of Convergence podcast." from video introduction

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