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Stay Away from the Foolish Man - Phil Robertson

Updated: Apr 12

Video from Phil Robertson

Stay Away from the Foolish Man - Phil Robertson

"The age-old struggle between good and evil is real. Remember God when times are good and when they're not so good. This clip is from episode 721 of "In the Woods with Phil." Watch 700+ episodes on BlazeTV:" from the video introduction.

What is the character of the company you keep?

Do you socialize with "foolish men"?

Foolish men can include not only bad judgment but sin crimes and evil.

The company we keep has a great deal to do with our walk with Christ and the sins we commit.

Yet let us not forget the flip side.

The pursuit of holiness may keep you from foolish men, but it might also lead you to keep bad company.

Jesus is our model and litmus test of how to live out our holiness. His life serves as the best example of what divine holiness looks like when practiced in humanity. He was called “a friend of tax collectors and sinners” (Matthew 11:19).

Do not be influenced into sin by the company you keep instead present the Gospel and why your life is different and your hope never ending!

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