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Sunny Jerusalem: The Atmosphere of The Winter City

Video from Virtual Jerusalem

"Israel's pleasant winter. A sunny day in winter. The amazing streets of Jerusalem in daylight. Nice and happy atmosphere. Winter, 17°C / 62,6 °F" from video introduction

The Wintertime In Jerusalem

"The wintertime in Jerusalem certainly is very suggestive and a unique experience. Besides, Israel’s capital and its largest city are located at about 754 meters above sea level. While on the road to Jerusalem, you will notice the altitude changes. During the winter months, Jerusalem is one of the few places in Israel where you can experience snow. It is a few days a year, and visiting the city during this period is very suggestive.

Moreover, there is a distinctive festive atmosphere worldwide, and the white snow adds a lot of charm to this holy and unique city. Therefore, along with the white winter atmosphere, which is very rare because of Israel’s Mediterranean climate, there are engaging activities, museums, and attractions in Jerusalem. For instance, they will ensure you great enjoyment.

The Wintertime in Jerusalem: Museums in Jerusalem

The museums in Jerusalem are active all months of the year, and as it befits a large city, Jerusalem has a wide variety of museums. In brief, here there is a list of some fascinating and unique museums that are a must-visit: from the article: The Wintertime In Jerusalem on the

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